Caution in the use of Medical oxygen cylinders at home

Oxygen does not burn by itself, Medical oxygen cylinder at home bd but it can actually spread fire very quickly when it comes in contact with small sparks or flames. So you should always be careful while using oxygen cylinders in the house. Mention is made here about the safe use of oxygen to avoid accidents.

  1. Do not use oxygen cylinder near fire. Stay at least 10 feet away from the fire. At this time no one should smoke or have candles by your side. Do not place or use oxygen cylinders in the room where the fire is burning.
  2. No one should use an electric razor next to it during oxygen therapy. These can cause sparks.
  3. Clothing that causes sparks to friction should not be worn when using oxygen. At this time no one around should work with things that create sparks by rubbing against each other.
  4. Always keep the oxygen cylinder upright in a safe place. Keep the cylinder well in the stand, otherwise it may fall off and the valve may become loose and the pressurized oxygen may turn the cylinder into a dangerous missile, i.e. a terrible explosion may occur.
  5. Place the oxygen cylinder in a ventilated place. Sunlight should not fall directly on the cylinder.
  6. Use oxygen cylinders knowing the rules, such as- opening and closing the valve properly.
  7. Refrain from using combustible materials like cleaning fluids, paint thinners and aerosol sprays. Also, do not use oily, greasy and petroleum based skin products, such as Vaseline.
  8. Keep oxygen equipment away from all sources of heat after use.
  9. Check regularly for oxygen leaks. When you hear the sound of oxygen leak, put out all the fires in the house and open the doors and windows.
  10. Write down the service number of Oxygen Equipment, so that you can call if necessary.
  11. Make sure the smoke detector is working properly. If necessary, install a new battery.
  12. In case of fire in the house, make arrangements to get out safely without panic.
  13. Memorize the contact number of the nearest fire service, so that you can call immediately in case of an accidental fire medical oxygen cylinder at home.

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